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Milkweed Launch



Liriodendron tulipiferaTulip Trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) are some of the largest trees here in the East. In the woods, they tend to grow up very straight, as in the NYBG example below, shooting up quickly to get the light and not bothering with broadly branching. There are some wonderful examples in the Midwood in Prospect Park and in Green-Wood. But Green-Wood is less of a dense woodland, and some trees there can spread out a bit. Still, this Green-Wood specimen is unusual. It’s has a very wide bole, but then it sprouts out with as many arms as an octopus. It looks practically pollarded, and I suspect that’s what happened at some point long ago. The visible cut section may be more recent (?)Liriodendron tulipifera“It’s an Ent!”



Autumnal Colors

ParthenocissusJust a quick reminder that you don’t actually need to leave New York City to see some spectacular colors. Not that there’s anything in the least wrong with heading north or wherever to leaf peep, but sometimes it doesn’t fit your schedule or budget. These are all from Prospect or Green-Wood.

Old Man Willow And Co.

IMG_4139At some point in its illustrious career, this Weeping Willow lost a bifurcating trunk, leaving a near horizontal gape about four feet up the bole. The slowly rotting remains inside there provided a seedbed for not one, not two, but three saplings: cherry, maple, and mulberry. This is a four-tree tree, which is the most I’ve ever seen. IMG_4141 (Pictures a couple weeks old, so this community is probably not as green or leafy now that fall has definitely settled in.)

Viburnum Bright

Viburnum Viburnum trilobum or opulus. Either way, cranberry!

Master Aster

asterThe wind was making it impossible to focus this perfectly. So it’s a little more abstract, but just as lovely. One of the numerous Asters that make the autumn so exciting to human and pollinator.asterAnother, held firm.aster2These last two pictures may be Smooth Aster. A complicated family.


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