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Springtime in Winter

Over the last week, the warm weather forced unexpected blooms.rose Roses in Sunset Park.cherryOne of half-a-dozen blooming cherry trees noted during a short walk in Green-Wood.cherry2The overcast light was definitely wintery, making these blooms look subdued and inducing melancholy in this flower-worshipper instead of the vernal joy of true spring.

Xmas With The Asters


cic20031224-01~ Walt Kelly

Great Swamp






IMG_4897And so much lichen! The whitish looking parts of these trees are actually lichen in the bright sun. Lichen needs fairly clean air to grow, which is why it is generally — but not completely — absent from NYC.

Master Aster

asterThe wind was making it impossible to focus this perfectly. So it’s a little more abstract, but just as lovely. One of the numerous Asters that make the autumn so exciting to human and pollinator.asterAnother, held firm.aster2These last two pictures may be Smooth Aster. A complicated family.

Early Autumn

fall2The view towards Storm King Mountain.fall1mushroommossfall4

Blooms and Pods

asterSmooth Aster

In Da Bronx


Franklinia alatamahaFranklinia in bloom. What a scrumptious flower! And the bees agree. (All of today’s trees are descendants from seeds collected by William Bartram in the 1760s. The plant is unknown in the wild.) Sylvilagus floridanusOn the mammal front, Cottontail and Chipmunk and Gray Squirrel.IMG_3877In addition to the frog, a Garter Snake crossed our path, and a couple of the elusive Italian Fence Lizards were seen (more on these anon).IMG_3829See the exuvia? AsclepiasPurple Milkweed Asclepias purpurea. IMG_3838


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