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NYC WildFlower Week

Stylophorum diphyllumWoodland Poppy (Stylophorum diphyllum), a.k.a. Celandine Poppy. Last day of NYCWFW, with three events.

NYC Wildflower Week: Golden Alexanders

Zizia aureaZizia aurea. Check out the “faunal associations,” the animals that pollinate, eat, breed on, etc., listed on this species account: bees, wasps, butterflies, true bugs…. Blooming now. NYCWFW.

NYC Wildflower Week: Spiderwort

TradescantiaTradescantia, whose common name is another of those not-quite lost to history ones: the sap on a cut stem becomes thready, like spider silk. There are two species which readily hybridize. We think this is T. ohiensis. Blooming now and into July. NYCWFW.

NYC Wildflower Week: Geranium

Geranium maculatum Geranium maculatum “Espresso” or Wild Geranium, cultivated for espresso-colored leaves. NYCWFW. All over Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 now.

NYC Wildflower Week: Solomon’s Seal

Polygonatum biflorumPolygonatum biflorum, Smooth Solomon’s Seal, really demands an explanation of its common name. Two theories: the circular seal shapes on the rhizome, or the wound sealing properties of the plant. Either way, enjoy them in bloom now at Brooklyn Bridge Park, especially at the base of the bouncy bridge. Note the pollinators trying to crawl up the hanging flowers.NYCWFW.

Two-Spotted Sightings

My first ladybug of the year was spotted on the weekend. It was, no surprise, a Multicolored Asian, Harmonia axyridis, which you should expect to see just about everywhere. I also saw very small lady beetle I’m not yet sure of the identification of. But on Monday, I saw half a dozen Two-spotted, Adalia bicunctata, which made me very happy. (See the essay I wrote about these for Humans & Nature.) Adalia bipunctataThis is the classic form.

Adalia bipunctataThis is the black form. Yes, that’s a human neck it’s on.

NYC Wildflower Week: Phlox

phlox stolinferaPhlox stolinfera. Creeping Phlox, found now in the understory at Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park. NYCWFW.


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